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KPMG's New Audit Report

KPMG's New Audit Report:

The business world is changing…


Regulators and shareholders are demanding greater transparency.


Companies are responding.
We intend to play our part.


To help restore trust.
With our new audit report.


No longer just a binary opinion too opaque to see beyond,
It will lift the lid


And explain what we saw… as the significant issues.


And what we did about them.


And by seeing inside our audit, you get more of the insight you need.


It will leave you knowing more about our work…and about us.


At KPMG we believe in the value of our opinion.

KPMG’s New Audit Report 

Following the changes stipulated by the FRC in June 2013 in regard to the Independent Auditor’s Report on Financial statements, KPMG have produced a short video animation to support the New Audit Report proposition and KPMG’s ‘first in the market’ lead position.