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  • Date: 07/07/2011

The Cost Boomerang: How to embed sustainable cost efficiency 

As the world economy moves slowly towards growth, many companies are finding that the deep cost cutting measures they undertook to survive the financial crisis are looking increasingly unsustainable.  Our research holds important implications for companies in the post-recession era and provides recommendations on how to embed sustainable cost efficiency and encourage a cost conscious workforce.

We conducted independent, anonymous opinion research among 525 senior financial decision makers from across Europe’s largest companies. In addition, we surveyed 1,200 individuals across Europe using our Commercial Engagement Index (CEI) tool to assess the degree of ‘cost consciousness’.  Respondents were split between Senior Managers, Middle Managers and Frontline workers (400 of each) for comparison purposes.


The findings from this research form a new report, The Cost Boomerang - which shows that the majority of cost savings made during recession are set to return.  In addition, there is some way to go to ensure the workforce is fully engaged on cost management.


Examine the key findings by clicking on a theme below, or download the full report via the links on the right.

1. The Cost Boomerang

Costs that were only recently eliminated as a matter of survival are starting to fly back into the business at an incredible pace. Few companies believe their recession-driven cost measures to be fully sustainable during times of growth; and a significant number don’t have access to the right information to make sustainable cost efficiency decisions.


Whilst growth prospects remain uncertain across most European countries, many organisations are facing a real risk that mounting costs will quickly erode their already tight profit margins and eliminate bottom line growth.

2. Embedding a cost culture

Creating a cost culture is about more than mandated measures and top-down initiatives. It requires everyone in the business to be fully engaged, cost-conscious, and pulling in the same direction.

3. Five key recommendations

Our five key recommendations for driving sustainable cost efficiency and 10 questions to ask yourself to assess your degree of cost maturity.

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Sustainable Cost Efficiency- CFO Mindmap

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Watch the video to learn more about what questions you should be asking your colleagues, to really raise the bar when it comes to cost efficiency.


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