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  • Date: 26/07/2012

Technology Start-ups 

Supporting the ecosystem of technology start-ups.


The UK has a history of leading technological progression, producing a stream of entrepreneurs and companies that are willing to innovate, challenge the status quo, and develop new business models and markets.

Technology enabled companies can have an international footprint from day one, introducing issues relating to tax, corporate structuring, Intellectual Property and more that many ‘traditional’ businesses take years to encounter.  KPMG understands these challenges and can provide support at every stage of your journey; helping you to avoid the pitfalls that can distract you from creating innovating product and establishing technology-enabled companies with an international footprint from their outset. 
If you’re a start-up in the technology sector (and we’re open minded in terms of what technology means – mobile apps through bio- and clean-technology and hardware, to world changing software platforms), we can help you with the issues that you could face on a daily basis.  Such as:


  • maximising  tax reliefs available when you are undertaking R&D activities
  • structuring international operations efficiently in relation to Intellectual Property, tax and financing
  • helping with funding issues
  • finding the skills and talent that you need for your business
  • helping you understand the potential of the B2B market and how it differs from consumer


In summary if you’ve got a question related to how your technology enabled business is, or should be operating, come and talk to us.




KPMG has followed closely the evolution of digital technology, having held a close relationship with many of the most innovative and leading technology companies in the world.  We have experienced first-hand the range of challenges faced by technology companies and know how to tackle them.


We know that we might not be a natural port of call for small, innovative companies; but many of the challenges that technology start ups face will require advisors than can help you get things right now, while understanding what your business might look like in 12 months time and planning for that.


We can bring this to you through:


  • our experience of working with some of the biggest companies in the world.  We know the type of issues that international companies face and how to deal with them.
  • teams of experts with in-depth knowledge across many sectors and industries.
  • a global network, so that whether you have a question about tax in Brazil or funding options in China, we’ll be able to connect you to the right people.


If you want to find out more, please get in touch


Tim Kay


Tim Kay

Technology Start-up Evangelist
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