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  • Industry: Government & Public Sector, Local Government
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  • Date: 15/05/2013

Lifeblood priorities unchanged post local government elections 

9 May 2013


Following the local elections, KPMG’s head of local and regional government, Kru Desai, comments:


“The changes to some local authorities wrought by the county council election results have secured a good deal of column inches but in fact the fundamental goals of those leading local government bodies remain unchanged: Local authorities have no choice but to learn to do even more with even less.


“In order for local authorities to deliver public services in the face of a range of pressures, from short-term budget short-falls to medium-term economic uncertainty to long-term demographic shifts, the focus must remain on four key areas; helping to drive local and regional economic growth; managing their balance sheets by reducing expenditure and, where possible, increasing revenues; improving productivity and managing future demand.


“I hope that no matter the surprises some councils will be absorbing, they remain ruthlessly committed to making strides in these areas, in order to serve their public and make progress towards being sustainable in an environment that is certain to get even tougher as next month’s spending review looms large.”





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