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  • Date: 25/06/2014

Forecasting: the future of budgeting 

Forecasting: The future of budgeting

My name is John O’Mahony. As a KPMG Director specialising in the efficiency and effectiveness of the Finance function, I was compelled to write about forecasting, which I believe is the future of the budgeting process. My report findings draw upon conversations with a range of industry experts, including pharmaceuticals, the media, telecoms, oil & gas and consumer markets.


Current planning and budgeting processes do not reflect the modern times we live in. We’re in a world where demand and expectations continue to grow while balancing the drive for the efficient use of resources to serve it. To support this expectation, I believe that organisations will need to deploy robust, rolling forecasting models, somewhat at the expense of traditional budgeting processes. I believe putting primary focus on rolling forecasting will enhance business decision capability, in any sector, at a macro-level.


Read the full report (PDF 972 KB). Alternatively, you can watch a three minute video précis of the report.


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