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Perform: Helping the NHS deliver up to 20% efficiency savings

The challenges facing the NHS will not be solved by more blue sky, conceptual thinking. Success will be found through skill, dedication and sheer effort - taking each yard of mud, step by step.
Modified date: 27/03/2014
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Taking the Pulse: A global study of mergers and acquisitions in healthcare

Mergers in healthcare are unlike those in any other industry...
Modified date: 28/10/2013
Business and industry issue

Switch On! A case for telehealth

As the expectations of service quality and availability continue to rise NHS organisations are exploring the opportunities associated with telehealth, telecare and assistive technologies – although, for many, implementation is currently a leap of faith.
Modified date: 28/10/2013
Business and industry issue

Patients fearful over quality of emergency healthcare, says KPMG survey

Patients across the UK are increasingly concerned about the support they will receive in an emergency, according to data released today by KPMG.
Modified date: 01/10/2013
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More than medicine

KPMG’s More than medicine, report examines opportunities for life sciences companies to be part of the solution, positioned as a partner in the system rather than a supplier to it.
Modified date: 10/09/2013

Patients wary of NHS ability to provide long-term care, says KPMG

Patients across the UK fear for their long-term care and believe that it will only be secure if health and social care is paid for through a combination of State and family funding
Modified date: 13/08/2013
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Friends and family come to the aid of NHS, says KPMG

Improved levels of engagement between patients and the NHS is a sign that Britain’s health service is moving in the right direction
Modified date: 30/07/2013
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Hard questions need to be asked if NHS is to get support it needs from life sciences industry, says KPMG

Ring-fencing budgets may not be enough to help the NHS deliver the support required by an ageing population
Modified date: 08/07/2013
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Care in a changing world: Challenges and opportunities for sustainable healthcare

Care in a changing world: Challenges and opportunities for sustainable healthcare
Modified date: 28/05/2013
Business and industry issue

Contracting Value: Shifting Paradigms

KPMG’s Global Healthcare thought leadership report examines the root causes of sub-optimal healthcare and identifies three core principles that – when taken together – demonstrate a clear path to driving value from healthcare systems.
Modified date: 28/05/2013
Business and industry issue

Blueprint for healthcare emerges from study of global approach to patient care

A major new report, published today by KPMG’s Global Healthcare Practice, examines the challenges facing international health systems, from the perspective of leading practitioners across 22
Modified date: 26/04/2013
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New attitude to staff will be key to NHS’ future, says KPMG

Insufficient attention is being paid to the changing relationship between clinicians and their patients. The result, according to a new report by KPMG, is a health service where the quality of care is dropping below standards expected by patients.
Modified date: 24/01/2013
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No point waiting if referral to treatment times are to improve, says KPMG

As the latest figures highlighting patient waiting times from ‘referral to treatment’ are released, Professor Hilary Thomas, a partner within KPMG’s Healthcare Advisory team welcomes the news that the majority of patients are seen within 18 weeks
Modified date: 17/01/2013
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NHS faces critical year ahead, says KPMG

Ahead of the publication of the Francis Report into failings at mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust, KPMG’s head of public healthcare argues that 2013 will be one of the toughest years ever, for the NHS
Modified date: 07/12/2012
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Our approach to pathology must change to be fit for the future, says KPMG

Speaking at a seminar outlining the future of pathology in the UK, Matthew Custance, partner in KPMG’s Healthcare Management Practice, called for radical changes to the way pathology and phlebotomy services are managed and delivered
Modified date: 07/11/2012
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Clinical Commissioning Groups must be given a chance to succeed, says KPMG

Gary Belfield, associate partner at KPMG Management Consulting, highlighted seven steps to demonstrate why Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) can flourish, once they begin work in April 2013.
Modified date: 24/10/2012
Press release

‘Value NHS staff before they walk,’ says KPMG

Andrew Hine, UK head of public healthcare at KPMG, argues that the NHS must view its staff as more than a cost on the balance sheet, or risk creating a demotivated workforce suffering from increased absence levels and resignations.
Modified date: 23/07/2012
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GPs in danger of losing their voice, says KPMG

Responding to a report, published today, which reveals that GPs make up fewer than half the places on new clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), Gary Belfield, partner in KPMG’s Healthcare consultancy team, comments
Modified date: 18/07/2012
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New appointment for KPMG’s Global Healthcare Team

KPMG today announces the appointment of Malcolm Lowe Lauri in its Global Centre of Excellence in Healthcare.
Modified date: 11/07/2012
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Hilary Thomas of KPMG wins First Women award

Professor Hilary Thomas, partner in KPMG’s Public Sector Healthcare Advisory practice, has won a prestigious First Women award
Modified date: 29/06/2012
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‘Put power back in the hands of patients’, says KPMG

Patients regain control of their lives as tele-health removes dependency on hospital and surgery visits
Modified date: 22/06/2012
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‘Healthcare isn’t sustainable’, says KPMG

As politicians and business leaders head towards the Rio+20 Summit, Andrew Hine, partner and UK Head of Healthcare at KPMG, argues that the NHS has a huge role to play developing the green economy and tackling climate
Modified date: 20/06/2012
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‘Moving the NHS online is just what the doctor ordered,’ says KPMG

Commenting on the publication, earlier today, of the Government’s NHS Information Strategy, Andrew Hine, partner and UK head of public healthcare at KPMG, welcomes the decision to offer many healthcare services online.
Modified date: 21/05/2012
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Turn to tech and telecoms to reduce pressure on nurses, says KPMG

In the wake of research published at the RCN Congress, Andrew Hine, partner and UK head of public healthcare at KPMG, comments on the need to bring technology to the heart of community healthcare to improve patient care and support the needs of nurses.
Modified date: 14/05/2012
Press release

Tech-savvy Baby Boomers drive demand for electronic health systems

Patient expectations and the demand for quicker service will drive a change towards eHealth programmes across the NHS and private-care sectors, according to a report published today by KPMG and Manchester Business School.
Modified date: 30/03/2012
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‘Health services can do even more to help sustainability’, says KPMG

In the wake of ongoing debate prompted by ‘Climate Week’, Andrew Hine, Partner and UK Head of Healthcare at KPMG, comments on the opportunity health services have to help global sustainability
Modified date: 27/03/2012
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Healthcare workers list cost efficiency drives ahead of reacting to regulations as key to success

A new survey by KPMG has uncovered that healthcare professionals view their number one priority as changing business operations to drive down cost
Modified date: 13/03/2012
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‘Get your wires crossed to take pressure off front-line NHS staff’, says KPMG

of the publication of the latest NHS Hospital and Community Health Service workforce statistics, later today, Andrew Hine, Partner and UK Head of Public Healthcare at KPMG, comments
Modified date: 21/02/2012
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Integrated approach to healthcare is key to future success of NHS, says KPMG

the wake of the Government tabling amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill and ahead of the Report Stage on 8th February, Andrew Hine, Partner and UK Head of Public Healthcare at KPMG, comments
Modified date: 03/02/2012
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