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Complying with the new 2015 VAT rules

This short KPMG video summarises the compliance reporting options and systems issues associated with the 2015 EU VAT place of supply changes.
Modified date: 22/05/2014

Are you ready for the 2015 VAT changes?

On 1 January 2015 the VAT place of supply rules will change and the European Commission will implement a Mini One Stop Shop scheme to simplify VAT accounting for relevant supplies.
Modified date: 09/04/2014

Surge in technology, media and telecommunications M&A activity no surprise, stay tuned for more to come

Media sector will see more ‘content-orientated convergence’ similar to last night’s launch of London Live
Modified date: 01/04/2014
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Online advertising will extend its grip over the market as media players adapt to digital ecosystems, says KPMG

David Elms, KPMG’s UK Head of Media comments on the back of reports that UK mobile ad spend forecast is going to overtake newspaper expenditure for the first time
Modified date: 10/03/2014
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Product Placement set for rapid growth on UK TV

Product Placement could significantly alter the way UK TV programming is produced, financed and consumed over the next few years
Modified date: 10/02/2014
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The changing face of media

For those in media, the rise of digital platforms is sure to present the greatest challenge as consumers transition online
Modified date: 10/02/2014
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UK companies are gold medal winners for sustainable business

UK companies rank highly in The Sustainability Yearbook 2013 gold medal-table
Modified date: 30/01/2014
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M&A activity in media sector likely to improve in 2014

The improving economic outlook, the quickening pace of convergence and continuing structural challenges are likely to stimulate M&A activity in the media sector in 2014, predicts David Elms, Head of Media at KPMG.
Modified date: 18/12/2013
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UK Media and Entertainment Barometer

The sixth Media & Entertainment Barometer report providing research into consumer appetites for new and traditional media. Analysis carried out by YouGov.
Modified date: 17/10/2013
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UK viewing TV and Facebook less, but will pay for content

UK consumers are increasingly prepared to pay for media content despite the fact they are spending fewer hours watching TV, reading books and browsing social media sites than in previous years, a survey by advisory firm KPMG has found.
Modified date: 30/05/2013
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The FT at 125: The future of newspapers is digital

David Elms, KPMG’s Head of Media comments ahead of the 125th anniversary of the Financial Times on Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Modified date: 18/02/2013
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Telcos must make brave decisions or risk becoming “dinosaurs”

Telecom companies must work to understand the needs of customers and turn these insights into revenue generating products and services
Modified date: 10/01/2013
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Northcliffe sale: Scale for regional newspapers is increasingly important

David Elms, Head of Media at KPMG comments on the sale of the Northcliffe newspaper arm by the Daily Mail General Trust:
Modified date: 10/12/2012
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“Major business model change” top priority for media company executives

43% of European and Middle Eastern media companies say preparing their organization for “major business model change” is their top business priority
Modified date: 01/10/2012
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