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  • Date: 13/01/2011

Perform: Helping the NHS deliver up to 20% efficiency savings 

Perform: Helping the NHS Deliver up to 20% Efficiency Savings
The challenges facing the NHS will not be solved by more blue sky, conceptual thinking. Success will be found through skill, dedication and sheer effort - taking each yard of mud, step by step. In this light, KPMG launches its NHS propositions under the banner of 'Perform'.
Our 10 propositions have been tested and delivered with NHS partners and have produced efficient gains of up to 20 percent. On this page you will find evidence of change programmes that work. As such, we are confident that we can lead a step change in  the way that professional services firms, such as KPMG, work with the NHS.

How we can help you


Perform Hothousing'Hothousing' is a phrase we coined for whole health economy transformation. Starting with clinical staff and building up a case for change which can be actively modelled and owned by all staff to drive change forward. Hothousing has already identified approximately 20 percent cost and efficiency improvements in a large urban health economy and equally significant results in a dispersed rural geography. It differs from traditional consultancy which often sketches out abstracted models of efficiency and leaves the client to deal with the consequences.

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Effective Commissioning

Our 'Effective Commissioning' offer is designed to help you keep a grip of the issues of today whilst managing the transition to the commissioning arrangements for tomorrow. We will use practical tools and methodologies; working alongside your teams to deliver lasting commissioning performance improvement. 


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Total performance improvement

Our 'Total Performance Improvement' proposition is about driving supply-side excellence, and has been delivered across all types of NHS providers, consistently producing efficiency gains in excess of 15 percent. 


Pain to gain

For those organisations in immediate financial distress, 'Pain to Gain' is an innovative turnaround solution for stabilising, then securing, organisational prosperity. 




Performance to people

'Performance Through People' has been used to great effect in the private sector and we can help deliver performance management systems which link staff appraisal with staff roles and QIPP measures. Our approach has yielded at least a 15 percent increase in productivity. We believe that the motivation and direction of staff will be the single, most crucial matter to address in the NHS.




Our 'Tax' offer has proven to reduce the overall tax burden of our NHS clients. VAT efficiencies have enabled organisations to reduce their tax exposure by in excess of £1m pa through outsourcing. Flexible benefits arrangements help both employers and employees to reduce their PAYE/NIC payments.



Organisational Architecture

Our 'Organisational Architecture' proposition has delivered efficiency savings in excess of 20 percent through outsourcing, shared services, JVs, and mergers and acquisitions. We are the only professional services firm that has advised the successful bidders in both of the only two substantial acquisitions to have been made so far by NHS Foundation Trusts.  



Board Grip

'Board Grip' gives NHS boards the maximum assurance and skills they need to manage their organisations and protect their reputation.  




System Synergy

Our 'System Synergy' proposition can help system managers consider the best balance of co-operation and competition to improve clinical performance. We look forward to receiving any questions or comments you may have on the material in this wallet. 




Integrated pathways

Our 'Integrated Pathways & Telehealth' proposition allows commissioners and providers to use best practice gained through the Department of Health Integrated Care Pilots programme. By redesigning long term condition care pathways and making more effective use of self help and tele-medical technology, 20 percent system efficiencies can be achieved.



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