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  • Service: Tax, Employee Issues
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 13/09/2010

KPMG P11D Solutions 

KPMG have been producing market leading HMRC approved P11D software for over a decade through our own P11D Solutions software.

Our P11D Solutions software has been carefully refined from over a decade of experience in the marketplace. Each year we listen to customer feedback and coupled with internal feedback from our own UK leading tax experts, has enabled us to add the features and ideas that provide real benefit to clients.


This is the reason why our software is purposely designed to be as user friendly and simple to use as possible and means our clients don't need to have substantial knowledge of the relevant legislation in order to use the software. It's no wonder 99% of our survey respondents said they would have no hesitation in recommending the software to other organisations.



  • Easy to use - installs within minutes
  • Software fully approved by HMRC
  • Online submission through the HMRC File By Internet (FBI) submitter
  • Produce P11D, P9D, P11D(b) and P46 (Car) forms
  • Send P11D's directly to employees via email
  • Produce a schedule to assist employees with completing page E1 of their tax returns
  • Provide employees with a detailed breakdown of their reportable items
  • Export forms as PDF documents
  • Importing and exporting functionality
  • Full data verification through the use of errors, warnings and validation
  • Extensive reporting functionality
  • Supports multiple users
  • Free telephone, online and email support



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Still think you might have problems? You can relax safe in the knowledge that all our P11D Solutions users are no different from any other KPMG client.  We work closely with our software developers and employment tax specialists to ensure we maintain the level of service our clients expect of us. What's more is to ensure our help is always available our software users have free unlimited access to our dedicated telephone helpline, online support site and email help service.


Don't just take our word for it. Why not try a demonstration version of our software yourself to access our online support site and enter (DEMO2010) in the login box. Once you are logged in you should click on the 'Downloads' link available from the left hand menu, from here you will be able to download a trial version of our software. Simply click on the download link and follow the on screen prompts to install the software. The support site is a sample version of the site that all our clients have access to and includes news bulletins, FAQ's and further information around the software.


For more information please contact the dedicated P11D solutions team by email on ecss@kpmg.co.uk or by phone on 020 7311 3400