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  • Service: Tax, Employee Issues
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 13/09/2010

Employers' Club 

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KPMG's Employers' Club has been providing regular updates to employers since 2008 and our latest version of the Employers' Club website is the most advanced yet. The Club is a unique facility providing members with a personalised source for updates on the latest developments across the spectrum of employee issues.

What does membership offer?

Membership is free and Employers' Club members have online access to the latest information relating to a variety of employee issues and have the opportunity to:


  • Select specific areas of interest and receive real time alerts when new information is posted under their chosen areas
  • Register for our monthly online briefings and participate in Q&A sessions with a panel of experts
  • Access the latest tax tables and tools
  • Access the Calendar tool to find details of forthcoming events and statutory deadlines
  • Search for news items by subject


Join KPMG's Employers' Club

It only takes a minute to register. Remember to specify your areas of interest to ensure that you only receive alerts when articles on these areas are added to the website.


If you experience any difficulty registering then please contact us


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