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Face of fraud changes as conmen rely on the innocence of youth

KPMG’s bi annual Fraud Barometer measures fraud cases in the UK from 01 January 2014 – 30 June 2014
Modified date: 27/08/2014
Business and industry issue; Press release

Procurement Fraud: Are you Prepared? – Prevention and detection

The procurement cycle is fundamental to the profitability of an organisation; therefore procurement fraud poses a significant threat to organisations.
Modified date: 26/08/2014
Business and industry issue

National Fraud Intelligence Bureau: Monthly Threat Update

The latest National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) Monthly Threat Update
Modified date: 26/08/2014
Business and industry issue

Shady business partners pose serious risk

A KPMG report into corporate intelligence background searches shows troublemaking directors are targeting financial, energy and technology businesses.
Modified date: 21/08/2014
Business and industry issue

Crowdfunding: is there really safety in numbers?

A brief look at the history of crowdfunding or crowdsourcing shows that the model has existed for many years
Modified date: 21/08/2014
Business and industry issue

Risk: moving from a cost centre to a value creator

Plenty of scope exists for turning risk management, within insurance businesses, from a cost centre into a value creator claims Michael Crawford, Head of Insurance Risk & Capital, KPMG in the UK
Modified date: 21/08/2014
Business and industry issue

Are finance shared service centres adequately managing fraud risks?

Finance shared service centres have become an essential part of many organisations, but they require a change in the way businesses manage fraud risks
Modified date: 20/08/2014
Business and industry issue

Account takeover fraud – NFIB update

Russian and UK organised crime gangs are using Trojan software and cloned SIM cards to withdraw funds from thousands of bank accounts.
Modified date: 16/08/2014
Business and industry issue

Whistleblowing – the Commission’s Report

Read a summary of key findings from the Report on the effectiveness of existing arrangements for workplace whistleblowing in the UK.
Modified date: 07/07/2014
Business and industry issue

KPMG at the 2014 Institute of Internal Auditors International Conference, London

KPMG in the UK is proud to be a Principal Partner and major sponsor at the 2014 IIA International Conference on 6 – 9 July 2014 at London’s ExCeL.
Modified date: 02/07/2014
Business and industry issue; Event

Smart Controls

Discover how KPMG offer professional control testing, supported by leading edge technology, that can turn compliance burdens to benefits.
Modified date: 04/06/2014
Business and industry issue

KPMG Cyber Predictions 2014

Cyber security is a rapidly changing field and making predictions always carries a certain risk, but Malcolm Marshall, UK and Global Leader of KPMG’s Cyber Security practice says there are clear trends emerging
Modified date: 01/05/2014
Business and industry issue

Changes to consumer credit regulation

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) became responsible for regulating consumer credit on 1 April 2014.
Modified date: 14/04/2014
Business and industry issue

KPMG issues the latest Profile of a Fraudster report

Cyber fraud represents an increasing risk as criminals turn to robotics to avoid detection.
Modified date: 16/01/2014
Business and industry issue

Cross-border Investigations: are you ready for the challenge?

Conducting cross-border investigations is complex. Add legal and cultural differences and you have a huge challenge facing global corporations today.
Modified date: 10/01/2014
Business and industry issue

Preventing financial crime in the asset management sector

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published a report on money laundering, bribery and corruption risks in the asset management sector.
Modified date: 06/12/2013
Business and industry issue

Astrus Insights - KPMG's analysis of third-party integrity risks

KPMG has launched the first study of its kind into the risks companies take when they enter into new business relationships
Modified date: 11/10/2013
Business and industry issue

Fraud increases 38% to over £0.5bn but real cost is human misery

Fraud cases totalling over £0.5bn were recorded in the first half of 2013, up over a quarter on the previous year, according to KPMG’s latest ‘Fraud barometer’
Modified date: 04/07/2013
Business and industry issue

Procurement Fraud: Could this happen to you? - How it occurs

Abuse within the procurement cycle is common and can be damaging, from the magnitude of potential monetary losses through to reputational damage
Modified date: 07/06/2013
Business and industry issue

The Role of the Chief Risk Officer in Financial Services

The Role of the Chief Risk Officer in Financial Services - Evolution, Revolution, or an Impossible Job?.
Modified date: 23/05/2013
Business and industry issue

Banking Expert Witnesses

We can assist with a range of technical accounting and auditing issues relating to banks and other retail credit institutions.
Modified date: 30/01/2013
Business and industry issue

Forensic Expert Witnesses and Independent Expert Determiners

Our forensic team have a wealth of experience providing expert accounting, technology, investigation and other assistance to clients
Modified date: 30/01/2013
Business and industry issue

Ten warning signs - Is fraud being committed in your company?

Analysis of 348 actual fraud investigations conducted by KPMG member firms in 69 countries suggests that the above is the portrait of a typical office fraudster.
Modified date: 30/10/2012
Business and industry issue

Are pharma companies aware of their third-party compliance positions?

The trend in the pharmaceutical industry to use third parties has increased, as the pressure on boards to reduce costs continues to mount.
Modified date: 30/10/2012
Business and industry issue