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  • Industry: Oil and Gas
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  • Date: 18/10/2010

Commodity and Energy Risk Management 

Whether your most pressing issues involve risk management, regulation, accounting, internal audit or Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) Systems, KPMG in the UK's experienced team is on hand to help.

Hedging and Risk Management

Leading organisations are starting to see Risk Management as a competitive edge. Has your organisation exploited this potential advantage?

Given today's volatile markets your competitive edge can depend on a robust hedging strategy and the ability to effectively manage risk. KPMG has a team which offers a combination of thought leadership and industry leading practice around market & credit risk and hedging & procurement strategy. We effectively consolidate our knowledge in offering a tailored methodology following a standardised approach to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), a fast growing evolution in the holistic management of risk.

Regulation & Compliance

As a result of the credit crunch there is considerable focus on governance and compliance. How has your organisation responded to the rapid changes in the global regulatory environment?

The regulatory environment is changing rapidly. KPMG is ready to assist your organisation navigate through the regulatory challenges ahead.

ETRM Systems & Risk Reporting

ETRM systems are evolving rapidly to keep up with an increasingly complex trading environment. Have your systems kept pace with this change?

From deal capture through to risk measurement and reporting, the right ETRM system is a critical feature in your approach to risk management. Advanced ETRM systems are playing an increasingly critical role in assisting organisations to capture, evaluate, quantify, monitor and report risks. KPMG has experienced professionals to assist you in the evaluation and selection of the ETRM system appropriate to your organisation, including the implementation of the appropriate risk reporting framework.

Accounting, Tax & Internal Audit

Current levels of market volatility may have a significant impact on your financial results. Have you investigated the accounting alternatives for mitigating this volatility?

Given the increased complexity of traded instruments along with increased disclosure requirements - accounting, valuation and internal audit programmes are of mounting importance. In an increasingly complex commodity and energy trading environment, KPMG has the experienced professionals to support your accounting, tax and internal audit support requirements. As specialists in commodity and energy derivatives, hedge accounting and valuations we combine our traditional strengths to help you achieve value.

For more information on the breath of services the Commodity and Energy Risk Management team can provide please download our credentials document.

Our team and experience

Our team comprises commodity and energy risk management professionals with broad industry knowledge, combined with experience in core areas including risk management, regulation, accounting, treasury, internal audit and tax. Not only do we have in-depth knowledge of the challenges you face, we also have the experience and well-developed methodologies backed up by an established record of meeting these challenges.

Our team has helped many multinational organisations in the development of risk strategies over many years including Oil Majors and Refining organisations.


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Commodity and Energy Risk Management

As global commodity and energy markets continue to experience sustained volatility post-credit crisis, leading companies are seeking methods to identify and respond to market, credit and operational risks. Whether your most pressing issues involve risk management, regulation, accounting, internal audit or Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) Systems, KPMG’s experienced team is on hand to help.