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Tax Policy Cycle 

The tax policy cycle is made up of the Chancellor’s Budget, Finance Bill, Autumn Statement and Finance Bill Draft Clauses. Although it can vary, in general policies take around 16 months from announcement (at Autumn Statement or Budget Day) through to Finance Act which means there is often scope to input into the consultation process.


KPMG insights and commentary on the tax policy cycle will be uploaded to this page and refreshed throughout the cycle. A commentary document will be produced for the Chancellor’s Budget, Autumn Statement and Finance Bill Draft Clauses. The next major policy event is the Autumn Statement which is being held on 3 December, followed by the publication of Draft Clauses for Finance Bill 2015 on 10 December.


If you have any comments, please speak to the relevant contact on the individual policy documents, or if you have a general enquiry, please let us know.


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The Chancellor’s Budget speech was delivered on Wednesday 19 March. This is the penultimate budget before the 2015 general election, and the message coming from George Osborne was all about a resilient budget in a resilient economy – a budget for “makers, doers and savers”. Visit the UK Chancellor's Budget 2014 page.
Chancellor George Osborne delivered his 2013 Autumn Statement on 5 December. He provided an update on the Government’s plans for the economy based on the latest forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility, published the same day. Visit our dedicated Autumn Statement page.
The proposed tax changes which were initially announced on Budget Day in March 2013 have been consulted on over the summer and now the detail of the draft legislation has been published. Please refer to KPMG's Finance Bill 2014 draft clauses webpage to stay updated.