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Power your pensions strategy in a new way

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Introducing KPMG Fusion® – an online tool built around fuelling insight, powering conversations and igniting action for your defined benefit pension scheme.

New insights for your pensions strategy

Fusion helps companies and trustees to better support pension risk management decisions with real-time information and insights. It lets you dynamically model options for managing cost and risk – and helps you see immediately what you can achieve.

Dynamic decision support for your challenges

Fusion’s visual interface has been designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use.  It enables you to monitor your pension scheme's current status, understand its past performance and explore solutions interactively to help shape your pensions strategy. By being able to identify potential opportunities as they arise, you can then act quickly and decisively to take advantage of these.

Gain clarity and enhance stakeholder collaboration

By providing a common platform and basis for discussion, Fusion helps encourage collaborative working between companies and trustees, allowing you to solve pensions issues together. Designed to let you see the whole picture, Fusion can facilitate more productive discussions, and help you make informed decisions to act on.  It enables you to develop a more holistic and coordinated strategy for your pension scheme.

The elements of Fusion

KPMG Fusion® combines four elements to effectively support your pensions decision-making – underpinned by the experience and expertise of our people who can then help you implement your strategy.


  • Baseline: View your initial position.
  • Evolution: Understand past performance.
  • Analysis: Explore options and develop strategy.
  • Solutions: Access our insight and expertise.

Power your pensions strategy with KPMG Fusion®

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® KPMG FUSION is registered as a trade mark covering the whole European Community


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