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Pensions can represent a large and complex financial risk for both scheme sponsors and trustees. At KPMG, we bring together our expertise to provide approaches that are designed to work for the sponsor, the trustees and the members.

KPMG Pensions is an award winning multi-disciplinary business where our leading pension professionals are embedded within the wider KPMG advisory practice. This allows them to bring a broader commercial approach to pensions advice, providing tailored business solutions. We have a well established track record in delivering significant pension change projects in a seamless way. We complement this advice with software that helps you solve the challenges around pensions.

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Introducing KPMG Fusion® – an online tool built around fuelling insight, powering conversations and igniting action for your defined benefit pension scheme.


Fusion helps companies and trustees to better support pension risk management decisions with real-time information and insights. It lets you dynamically model options for managing cost and risk – and helps you see immediately what you can achieve.


Discover more on our dedicated Fusion website



® KPMG FUSION is registered as a trade mark covering the whole European Community


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Andrew Cawley

Andrew Cawley

Head of Pensions

KPMG in the UK


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