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Sustainability services

Sustainability Services 

Over the next twenty years, businesses, governments and society will be exposed to a number of global megaforces such as population growth, energy insecurity, resource scarcity and climate change.


As a result, today’s global business environment is more complex, uncertain, volatile and fast-moving than ever before.

Navigating these megaforces will be a complex and challenging task and business leaders across the world will face significant risks, as well as new opportunities, for their business models.

We are approaching – if we have not already exceeded – the planet’s ability to satisfy our appetite for growth. That is why the central challenge of our age – decoupling human progress from resource use and environmental decline – will also be one of the biggest sources of future success for business.

As these megaforces move to the top of corporate agendas, KPMG advises many organisations to better understand the complex and evolving environment, helping them develop and refine their sustainability strategy.

Through our website we help you navigate through these megatrends and how we help leaders to address them.

KPMG’s Sustainability Services professionals provide Assurance, Tax and Advisory services to organisations to help them apply sustainability as a strategic lens to their business operations and performance.

Our expanding Sustainability network, across KPMG member firms in more than 50 countries, enables us to apply a consistent, global approach to service delivery and respond to multinational organisations’ complex business challenges with services that span industry sectors and national boundaries.


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