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Business structuring 

Are your concerned about the accounting and financial reporting implications of a structured deal? Or do you want advice to develop new products?  We provide accounting and financial reporting advice, consultation and support for complex and time-sensitive transactions and events.


Your issues

  • You are happy with the tax implications of a proposed structured deal, but need to feel comfortable with the accounting implications.
  • You understand the accounting for a structured deal, but how can you be sure the auditors won’t take a different view?
  • You are not sure that deal is structured in the most effective manner – are there alternatives that may reduce P&L volatility?

Examples of how we can help

Our team can:

  • help develop new businesses and design new products;
  • assess the impact of a structured deal on your financial statements, regulatory requirements and on your client’s financial statements;
  • analyse proposed and potential transactions to highlight the accounting risks and opportunities in the deal;
  • help plan and complete transactions;
  • address the entire life-cycle of the deal by helping in developing appropriate accounting structures and advising on post-deal strategies; and
  • explore the implications of new accounting standards and provide options to minimise their impact.


 Evelyn Bunn Anderson  

Evelyn Bunn Anderson

Director, Banking Accounting Advisory Services

KPMG in the UK

020 7311 2664

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 Charlotte Lo   

Charlotte Lo

Director, Manager

Banking Accounting Advisory Services

KPMG in the UK

020 7694 2867

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