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KPMG’s UK Capital Markets team provides leading edge advice on regulated capital market transactions. We help ensure a smooth flotation process by focusing on key issues, using our specialist team to focus on areas that will lead to an increased value at IPO. We also provide advice to listed businesses are embarking on regulated transactions following the IPO, such as class acquisitions, disposals, re-financing and further share issues.

What's on your mind?

  • You have a highly-capable client management team in place to handle the IPO process, but the strain of extensive due diligence, meeting the prescriptive requirements of the Listing Authority and the need to market the IPO to potential investors  is starting to take its toll.
  • Your IPO team needs to refocus its attention away from due diligence and technical requirements in order to concentrate on maximising IPO valuation and ensuring the process stays on track, but there is not the skilled resource in-house to hand this work off to.

How we can help

We can provide a range of services tailored to meet the requirements of the listing company, depending on the level of in-house resource and their experience with the IPO process. These include:


  • Initial assessment of the issues, both regulatory and commercial, which the listing company should consider.
  • Assistance in maximising the IPO valuation.
  • Advice on compliance with regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Advice on effective corporate governance and internal procedures to control business risk.
  • Providing practical assistance before, during and after IPO to minimise the pressure on the management team and help ensure they comply with the regulatory requirements of listing.
  • Maximising value from IPO through focusing on key areas during diligence and appropriate presentation in the prospectus.
  • Ensuring the smooth running and timely execution of the IPO, using previous experience to foresee and avoid potential issues.


  • The UK Capital Markets team work with clients who require objectivity and independence outside of a transaction.
  • Our team of experts understand and have experience dealing with the challenges you face and will work collectively with you to achieve your goals.


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