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Are you a lawyer seeking accounting, technology, actuarial, economics, sector or other specialist area to help to resolve your case?


KPMG can provide you with an array of technical, industry-specific or region-specific advice and guidance. Whether it is a dispute, investigation or regulatory matter, we can provide you with clarity and insight to help your clients achieve an excellent result.

What's on your Mind?


  • The need to establish liability, and accurately quantify the amount of money lost / owed, in a commercial dispute.
  • The need to establish the facts, gather and review evidence, recover assets and take action against individuals in an investigation.
  • The need to identify, collect, review and disclose large volumes of disparate evidence to a Court, regulator or other legal forum.
  • The need to present robust and powerful written or oral expert evidence to a Court, regulator or other legal forum.


Bringing you Peace of Mind


Our long-standing reputation amongst the legal community means we are regularly instructed across a range of services, including:


  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Economics
  • Forensic Transaction Services
  • Investigations
  • Technology
  • Insolvency and Corporate Restructuring


  • Furthermore, our focus on specific industries enables us to offer support to lawyers also specialising in these sectors. This includes, but is not limited to:


  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Communications
  • Technology
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Pharmaceutical and Life Science
  • Public Sector


Our philosophy revolves around establishing close ties with instructing lawyers to ultimately benefit their clients.


We can offer preferred supplier agreements for specific services, free training workshops, seminars and networking events as well as joint marketing initiatives to relevant corporate contacts.

What's in it for you?


  • Strengthen arguments, understand your client's position and increase chances of a favourable outcome for the case.
  • Have access to relevant technical, industry, regional and other experience to use as necessary from one provider.
  • Identify, collect, review and disclose relevant evidence to a legal or regulatory forum irrespective of volume, location or format.
  • Achieve financial benefits for your clients through positive monetary judgements, avoiding costs and fines, or recovering lost / stolen assets.




  • We have acted as expert witness on more than 100 occasions in different legal forums across the world.
  • Our professionals combine forensic and technical experience with in-depth industry knowledge.
  • Our forensic technology experience and capabilities is superior to other accounting firms to help with evidence identification, recovery and management.


Case Study

The dispute arose between a Hedge Fund and its administrator who had supplied outsourced back-office services. The administrator had failed to notice the fraudulent mispricing by the fund manager of the financial instruments held by the fund.

Consequently the fund's investors had held onto their investments rather than liquidating the fund, leading to the loss of a substantial part of their investment. A team of forensic and financial sector specialists analysed and reported on the following issues:


  • Investigation into the actions of the administrator;
  • Quantification of the claim;
  • Accounting treatment for various financial instruments; and
  • Applicable liquidity discount for the liquidation of a fund. 




  • Our evidence was accepted unchallenged on almost all issues and a KPMG partner gave evidence on the remaining issues.
  • Following a three week Arbitration Hearing the two parties negotiated a substantial settlement for our client.


Kathryn Britten

Kathryn Britten


UK Head of Dispute Advisory Services

020 7694 5598 kathryn.britten@kpmg.co.uk