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fast|forward 2035 

"The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious." - John Sculley, Former CEO, Apple.


What are the possibilities for you and your organisation?  KPMG's new and exciting fast|forward series explores the corporate mega-trends that will shape the future business world.


You can use the interactive graphic below to navigate through our fast|forward material.  Simply click on the topic you're interested in for a menu of options.

A changing business landscape


Business today is facing perhaps the greatest combination of challenges seen in a century.  Geopolitical changes, falling personal wealth, volatile resource markets, climate change and shifts in the centres of economic power will shape the future business environment. 


Organisations need to keep ahead of the increasingly fast developments in operating conditions through innovation and adopting pioneering technologies as well as by understanding the impact that new ideas, such as social media, have on the world of business.


The CFO of the future


What does all this mean for today's CFO?


To start with, we think the CFO of the future will need to combine finance and information skills to become an executive who delivers much greater business insight and intelligence, in a much more complex world.  Their role will evolve into that of the chief finance and intelligence officer, or CFiO.


Tomorrow's CFiO will need to be ready for the real game changers - the main pressure points that will shape the world of business in 2035.  To get there CFiOs will push the boundaries of technology, people, relationships and corporate models further than ever before.


fast|forward 2035


To help equip CFO's for this brave new world, KPMG has launched a project to investigate key corporate mega-trends, and how they will be instrumental in driving that change and the emergence of the CFiO.


You may disagree with our hypotheses.  That's fine with us.  We want this project to encourage debate, and we want you, our clients, to be involved in this discussion - to help you consider the areas your business will need to focus on in order to continue to be a leader in 2035 and to guide your organisations to improved growth and prosperity over the coming decades.


Take a look at each of our fast|forward topic pages for more information.  We know how precious time can be - so we have put together a range of material on each topic to cater for this aspect whether you have 1 minute, 5 or 10.

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