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Crowd Connection 

Crowdsourcing for market intelligence and innovation
Imagine never having to guess what your key stakeholders want; imagine knowing why they want it. Now, imagine your strategy built on these specific crowd insights from your most important stakeholders. Crowd Connection® can help you achieve this.

What is Crowd Connection ®?

Crowd Connection® is KPMG’s global crowdsourcing tool, powered by the Chaordix Crowd IntelligenceTM process and technology, which can offer leading brands digital market insights from a customisable online community to provide market intelligence, brand feedback and product co-creation and innovation.


Crowdsourcing can tap into a clients key stakeholder groups (such as customers, new target segments or employees) to help them understand what they want them to do and, most importantly, why before they implement change within their business. It can also be utilised to gain feedback on changes they have already made.

How does it work?

Crowd Connection’s interactive web and mobile offering taps into the power of crowdsourcing and can be configured as a one-time market research project or an ongoing, managed social community to engage with a "crowd" of your most valued stakeholders, customers, prospects, supply chain intermediaries, employees and/or partners. Online moderators, consisting of client representatives or KPMG subject matter specialists, can also engage in dialogue with the crowds via private or community conversations. 


 Crowd Connection® can align with your current strategy, whether it be marketing, research and development, or bigger picture initiatives and build a customizable crowdsourcing programme designed for your brand. KPMG can help interpret results from the crowd engagement to identify actionable change initiatives to help align your strategy and processes to the feedback and results.


Key benefits:

  • Can provide reliable and actionable insights. 
  • Broader and larger sample size for less investment. 
  • On-demand reporting re community, health and participants. 
  • Insights and analytics provided in Executive Level reporting. 
  • Builds upon qualitative and quantitative methodologies. 
  • Creates a ‘natural’, ‘authentic’ and compelling participant experience. 
  • Our managed service includes multi-lingual, cross-cultural moderation


      Why is it better than traditional market research methods?
      • Continuity  –  An always-on channel that enables you to maintain an ongoing conversation  with your employees and the market on the culture change process – providing short term insight and long term progress reporting.
      • Collaboration  –  Participate in an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders of all rank, culture, profile and experience, thereby capturing a variety of different perspectives and insights on the topics addressed during the crowdsourcing programme.
      • Seek deeper customer insight – Crowdsourcing market intelligence enables you to tap into the crowd and ask follow up qualitative and quantitative questions to attain deeper insight and incorporate it into how your organisation acts upon it.
      • Combine the “what” with the “why” – Clients often obtain insights into their customer base through data analytics or other traditional forms of research (ethnography or focus groups). Analysis of these insights will often help clients understand what customers want from them, but not why.


    Crowd Connection’s advantage over traditional market research and focus groups is that it is live and ongoing and can be constantly evolved to match your marketing or bigger picture initiatives.  It could also help you to identify true advocates/promoters of your brand and allow you to communicate with them quickly and personally, building customer loyalty and engagement.

    Subject matter specialists

    KPMG employs professionals experienced in a wide range of subject matters, all of whom are keen to support your crowdsourcing programme. As well as working with you to plan and structure your crowd’s online communities, they are also there to help you interpret the outcomes and can then consult on how to turn those insights into actionable items for your business.



    Crowd Connection ® is registered as a trade mark covering the whole European Community

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