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KPMG's BIO (Benchmarking, Insights and Opportunities) 

Any organisation will have data and information about its workforce. Some organisations will already use this information to help inform recruitment strategies, cost management and training and development. But do you genuinely understand what makes your workforce tick?

Imagine if you could bring all relevant workforce-related data together in one place; connect it to sales and performance data, and link to other external data sets. If you could get real insight into the links between the data, understanding how your workforce really drives costs, profit and risk. What if you could identify where savings can be realised and where to target investment to improve business performance and increase efficiency?


The BIO from KPMG does just this. It’s a process that combines disparate data sets within an organisation, such as payroll, benefits, absence, engagement results, customer experience, sales, profitability and error rates. By utilising five key workforce areas - cost; capacity; capability; connectivity and compliance, it delivers evidence-based, informed analysis about the performance of your workforce.


KPMG's BIO tool


The analysis identifies correlations and relationships previously hidden, providing insights that reveal the links between employees and business performance. The resulting recommendations help inform an HR strategy that not only supports, but truly drives business performance.


The BIO provides unique insight into how your workforce operates, providing evidence where previously there was a reliance primarily on intuition. Ultimately it enables leadership teams to drive measurable business improvement – through cost reduction, increased workforce effectiveness and relevance, improved talent management and enhanced employee engagement. For the first time it is possible provide a clear line of sight between the workforce and business performance .


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