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Optimise Multi Channel Sales and Service 

Aligning customers and transactions with the right delivery channels can seem a never-ending challenge. It is not just about developing a strategy that balances good service with reasonable cost and effective sales. There are all the challenges that come with organisational models that are typically still channel and product-centric.

Our specialist distribution team approaches multichannel sales and services in three steps:


  1. We analyse a wide range of internal and external data to identify a channel mix for your customers and your organisation.
  2. We develop a compelling case for change to engage the support of your senior stakeholders and channel employees.
  3. We use techniques to develop compelling propositions both for individual channels and to encourage customer migration between channels.


Industry challenges

  • Customer behaviour is rapidly changing and organisations need to quickly deliver relevant channel propositions to avoid churn
  • The customers who are slowest to move to low-cost, self-serve channels can be your least valuable. Conversely, those who move most readily can be the most valuable
  • You can intervene to accelerate the migration of customers to the right channels – but not many organisations do so effectively
  • As volume across traditional high cost channels drop, unit costs will increase and productivity can decrease. Traditional cost allocation methods can leave significant cost in channels unless transactions are reduced and processes are changed. Traditional approaches to performance measurement will undoubtedly foster poor decision making
  • Many branch and telephony colleagues do not advocate self-serve – but they are the touch point for many customers that could benefit from these channels

Our services - we can help you

Transform the performance of digital channels

Digital channel optimisation: We help to define and shape customer propositions that span the physical and digital worlds, using digital to help transform your economic and service model.

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Transform the performance of your physical network

Branch optimisation: We believe that your branch and store network has a future in a digital world. We have extensive experience of redesigning the operational processes in branch/store networks. We can increase consistency of performance and the relevance of your network to today’s consumers. We work to ensure the physical network remains a profitable part of the channel mix whilst integrating digital into your workplace processes where needed.

Deliver new channels to market

Specialist channel delivery: The insurance sector has unique challenges following the Retail Distribution Review and structural changes in distribution platforms such as wraps. Our specialist Insurance team uses its deep insight and wealth of experience to help you develop emerging channel strategies.

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Migrate customers to the right channel

Customer channel migration: We can create customer-centric channel models (process, unit costs, volumes etc) to help you understand the configurations of customers, transaction and channels. We develop behaviourally focused migration propositions that can add value for you and your customer.

Case studies

Supporting the re-design of the branch operating model for the UK’s largest banking branch network

We supported the re-design of the branch operating model for the UK’s largest banking branch network. This helped to improve service consistency and branch performance, increasing ‘customer needs met’ by over 20 percent. We helped to design an accreditation process that guaranteed consistent change delivery across the network. Our redesign included capacity management, processes improvement, structure of the day, performance measures, skills development, and sales and coaching development.

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Helping one of the world’s largest internet banks to transform its digital and mobile services

For over five years we have helped one of the world’s largest and most successful internet banks to transform its digital and mobile services. Firstly, we helped to design, build and implement a modern, scalable and resilient platform. We then helped the client develop compelling customer propositions for web and mobile banking. Economic performance has improved significantly and the group outperforms the market in achieved sales versus account market share. We are now using digital services to enhance the branch experience and profitability.

Applying behavioural economics to enhance a UK retail bank’s digital capabilities

A major UK retail bank had market-leading digital capabilities. But some customers still exhibited channel behaviour that was counter intuitive and undermined quality and service costs. We identified how the greatest benefit could be delivered to the greatest number of customers and built a strong case for change. We then used behavioural economics to understand the drivers of customer behaviour and develop a range of innovative and effective propositions.

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Helping a client select and migrate to a third party software package

Our client’s ageing, bespoke IT platform was threatening to prevent profitable growth, so we helped to select a third party software package. The exercise included not just migrating wrap platform business to the new package, but also legacy life and pensions businesses at a future date.






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