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Local & Regional Government 

Local government is currently in a period of major challenge and change, and will be for the foreseeable future.


A complex mix of issues are driving change, ranging from severe financial pressures to the demographic shifts that are placing huge pressure on key services, right through to the critical need to improve the economic competitiveness of local areas.

KPMG is at the heart of this change agenda.  We are major suppliers of advisory, tax and assurance services to local authorities and Whitehall departments that fund local services.


KPMG supports local authority clients around the UK to tackle these pressures including tailored advice in four areas: economic growth; balance sheet; improved productivity; and managing future demand.



Cities are like magnets. Just as magnets can either attract or repel, so can cities. A city with a strong magnetic-pull draws in new residents, visitors and business investment for the benefit of all. Read the full report on our nine Magnet Cities and discover what successfully flipped their magnetic orientation. 

Magnet Cities

Remoulding pensions


Major changes are taking place in the Local Government Pension Scheme. You have to deal with wide-ranging reforms including LGPS 2014, new governance requirements, reductions in pension tax allowances and the need to reduce scheme delivery costs. How will you tackle the changing environment?

    Hope for the high street is the first of a series of KPMG opinion papers on major real estate. 

walking the fiscal tightrope

Social Impact Bonds


Planting for Future Growth

KPMG's guide to Social Impact Bonds outlines the tools for assessing their feasibility, both from the investor and commissioner perspective.