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The defence sector is vital to the economy of the UK, however it faces severe funding cuts due to the economic crisis and the need for the government to limit spending. How this will affect the industry is yet to be fully realised.  The government has committed to stringent savings targets post the strategic defence and security review; this will bring spending further into the spotlight and provide direction to industry as a whole.

Aircraft Carrier

KPMG works with clients from across the Defence industry providing pragmatic advice and assisting in making change happen. We have individuals dedicated to the sector, some of which have experience of working on both sides. This means we understand the culture and complexities of the sector, and know how to work effectively with our clients.

The delivery of timely and necessary military capability

Defence expenditure remains under scrutiny and examination. In times of rapid change combined with budgetary constraints and a wide range of available investment opportunities, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) needs to understand which projects collectively make the greatest contribution to its strategic objectives and targets.

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