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No sector of the economy is as vulnerable to a downturn as the leisure industry. As belts are tightened, ‘must haves’ take priority over treats, holidays abroad become ‘staycations’ and eating out is out.


The effects are uneven, of course, but the trend for revenues overall has been downwards. The continuing difficulties in raising finance combined with increasing legislative and regulatory burdens don’t help. The tide appears to be changing as Leisure and Hospitality are key drivers of employment in the UK, especially for young people. Much of the travel sector is engaged in an efficiency drive and a general migration to online. Like other industries in this sector, its operations are well suited to digital media and it is pioneering the use of mobile and social media.

At KPMG, our audit, tax and advisory services, combined with many years of experience in the Leisure sector can support your business in any circumstances. Whether you’re a tour operator, hotel chain or online gaming business, we offer the support you need to manage and seek out new opportunities.


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