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Financial Services

Financial Services 

We believe financial services businesses must be assertive and bold to drive growth in a new environment.

When quantitative easing (QE) is withdrawn, the world economy will enter unchartered territory.

While recovery in this sector has been encouraging, it remains fragile. Many challenges remain. How to cut costs, increase security, settle remediation charges and, somehow, prepare for the next crisis.

But there are also opportunities, including many new online technologies. And all of this must be managed by a mostly new generation of leadership within a constantly changing industry.  We believe financial services organisations need to adapt and be assertive to drive growth.  We are here to support and advise you now and in the long term.


Our Financial Services practice is focused on three core areas: Banking, Insurance and Investment Management.

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    Bill Michael

    Bill Michael

    EMA Head of Financial Services

    KPMG in the UK

    020 7311 5292