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Finance transformation programmes 

Finance transformation in insurance is highly complex. It involves large volumes of data, complex and varied products, multiple reporting requirements and many interdependent parts. There are significant regulatory obstacles and requires a wide range of experts with different cultures, perspectives and attitudes.

Strong programme leadership is critical to manage all these issues. It requires an unusual mix of technical, business and project skills, a bold and brave attitude and an unfailing drive to achieve success. In order to successfully deliver complex finance transformation, programmes must be designed, managed and executed with a relentless focus on benefits and the delivery of real business value. This requires rigorous benefits management, independent challenge and resolute programme direction.


A finance transformation programme must be conceived and run as an integrated programme, starting with designing the target operating model. It needs to make progress on all design and implementation activities in parallel as each workstream influences the others. The programme team needs to ensure requirements, designs and plans are all fully integrated, acting as the overall solution architect.


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