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Interactive Infrastructure 

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Infrastructure is critical to the success and growth of a nation and remains one of the great challenges of the 21st century. To allow the UK to compete effectively on a global stage we must prioritise innovative and sustainable infrastructure projects. 


With the right investment, infrastructure will have significant potential not only to transform our urban landscape but to enhance and shape our social and economic development for years to come. 

What's it all about

Interactive Infrastructure offers a snapshot of the face and future of UK infrastructure pipeline using an interactive platform to connect infrastructure stakeholders (sponsors, developers, investors, contractors and the supply chain) at an early stage in the development of projects. The map focuses on some of the government led and privately developed future infrastructure projects across the following sectors:


  • Cities and Communities
  • Digital & Communications
  • Defence and security
  • Power and utilities
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Transport

 Interactive Infrastructure


Navigate around the interactive map to learn more about each projects. Click on the icons along the bottom of the map to filter projects by each category, and use the additional filter options in the top of the screen to narrow searches further. Click on the project pins for key data and a link to the project website for more detailed information.


  • Watch the video to see how Interactive Infrastructure works

Interactive Infrastructure video


KPMG advises across all aspects of an infrastructure asset's lifecycle from strategy & development, through to procurement, financing, operations and investment. We provide integrated advice to the public sector, developers, contractors and financial investors across all economic and social infrastructure offering deep sector specialism and experience. We truly understand the issues that are relevant now and in the future and proactively drive positive solutions.


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KPMG has compiled the data for Interactive Infrastructure in association with Barbour ABI.


Barbour ABI


Founded in the 1930's, Barbour ABI has over 80 years experience in gathering, processing and delivering information on the UK built environment.  Barbour ABI is also responsible for publishing data for the UK Government's Construction and Infrastructure Pipeline, is the chosen data provider for the Construction Products Association Forecasting Panel and is the chosen partner of the Office for National Statistics for the provision of Construction New Orders estimates data.


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