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The future of the car
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Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
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Me, My Car, My Life
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The automotive industry is Britain's largest sector in terms of exports and has invested over £6 billion during the last three years*. Vehicle sales have fully recovered back to pre-recession levels and we expect production to grow towards 2 million vehicles in 2017, a record level of output. Confidence has returned and UK suppliers are poised to seize a greater share of vehicle content.

The impact of the ongoing changes in the global automotive market are profound, as Original Equipment Manufacturers invest to produce energy efficient connected vehicles to meet the demands of tomorrow’s consumers.


Manufacturing techniques are also changing rapidly, as modernisation reduces the cost and time of assembly, and flexible automated plants benefit from machine-learning analytics to grow throughput and improve quality.


Emerging digital sales platforms and connected cars present exciting new revenue opportunities but are attracting new entrants from the technology world.


Our automotive team is experienced in dealing with these challenges in a holistic way that considers all the angles. We advise on commercial strategy, redesign business processes and implementation. Our experts advise on raising debt and equity finance, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), Tax, IT, Operational Transformation, Supply Chain, Procurement and Sales. We have taken the time to grow our services and work with the largest and smallest automotive companies to help improve financial performance and reduce risk.


The UK Automotive Industry and the EU, KPMG



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John Leech, Head of Automotive provides an overview of the UK automotive industry.



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