Trinidad and Tobago

About KPMG 

KPMG in Trinidad and Tobago is locally owned and operated. Established in1969, we have a balanced mix of regional, international and local clients.

With a global approach to service delivery, KPMG responds to clients' complex business challenges with consistent methodologies and common tools across industry sectors and national boundaries.


KPMG has a dependable network of firms infrastructure. Our international alliance facilitates the sharing of infrastructure, technology, resources and knowledge. This means that we have the power to obtain the expertise you require from any of the 155 countries worldwide in which we operate.


We also have a common shared knowledge database and proven methodologies to guide us in completing our engagements as quickly and efficiently as possible. Also, because of our common and integrated technology platform we are always in close contact with the international members of our firm and able to share and benefit from the experience of others. We make use of the strength of our firm which is the knowledge of our people all over the world.


What this specifically means for you is that at KPMG;


  • if we do not have the expertise for the project in-house, we can readily obtain resources from another KPMG member firm elsewhere
  • we have ready access to use and learn from other KPMG member firms’ past experiences, issues, research and deliverables


It is to be noted that we operate not only in Trinidad and Tobago, but have been providing services across the Caribbean Region. KPMG in Trinidad and Tobago is a member firm of KPMG Caricom, a regional governance entity, comprising KPMG member firms in Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean (practicing in Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines),Jamaica as well as Trinidad and Tobago.

KPMG Caricom member firms  are able to leverage the collective experience of 29 partners and over 350 professionals for the benefit of our multi-jurisdictional clients.


Trinidad and Tobago Facts

The island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, known colloquially as 'T&T', consists of the two southernmost Caribbean islands, which are geologically an extension of the South American continent. While individually the islands contrast vastly in character, together they offer the best of everything one can expect from a Caribbean experience.

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