As KPMG Turkey, we are one of the leading audit companies in Turkey with clients in various sectors and line of businesses. In Turkey, we employ over 350 audit experts who provide audit and legal assurance services to meet legal requirements of our clients and go beyond it.

KPMG Audit
Our audit services are grouped in three main subjects: Information Risk Management Department (IRM), Financial Statements Audit Services, Assurance Services, Department of Professional Practice (DPP)

Information Risk Management Department (IRM)

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Organizations which carry out business in financial and industrial sectors aim to meet the increasing demands and at the same time add value to their stakeholders by allocating sufficient sources for these demands

Assurance Services

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Our assurance professionals help our clients to understand and address those risks, and through that to position their businesses for success in Turkey and beyond.

Financial Statements Audit Services

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Our services include issuing opinions related to these statements for meeting the requirements of IFRS, US GAAP and other standards promulgated by the regulators.

Department of Professional Practice (DPP)

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During our professional support service provided, our priority is to increase the quality and efficiency of the companies’ financial reporting processes and accordingly accelerate the strategic decision making processes.


Murat Alsan

Murat Alsan

Partner, Head of Audit

+90 216 681 9000

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