Lao Practice 

The simpler economy of Laos provides a showcase of KPMG's ability to embrace and cater for the traditions and needs of individual countries, regardless of their political and economical structure.

KPMG in Laos was established in 1997 and is a member firm of KPMG International. The Laos office dedicates significant resources to training and development of its staff, and has an active work exchange program for skills enhancement, to enable staff to gain experience of international practices world wide.


KPMG in Laos creates a lively working environment through the encouragement of free thinking and the flow of ideas. We have also formed strategic relationships with other professional service providers operating locally, to help us provide a depth of understanding and judgment that allows us to work with our government, non-government and commercial clients.

Contact us

Mark Jerome


4th Floor, K.P. Tower
37 Thatluang Road
(Opposite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Ban Phonxay, Saysettha District
Vientiane, Lao PDR


Phone: +856 (21) 454 240-7

Fax: +856 (21) 900347

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