Learning & development 

The skills, knowledge and capabilities of our people are absolutely central to the success of KPMG and so we invest significant amounts of money, time and energy in developing our people.



At KPMG Thailand, the KPMG Business School courses focus both on technical skills (Audit, Tax, and Advisory training) as well as Leadership and Enabling skills to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Your development programs will be provided and matched with your strengths by placing a training emphasis on the areas that are relevant to your role in order to help you deal with professional challenges.


Induction Program/Starter


From day one, as a new graduate or experienced hire, through our orientation program, you will be introduced to a broad range of topics that help you to understand our working environment and the necessary business needs as a new joiner.


Professional Training/Main Courses



With KPMG’s commitment to continuously sharpen our technical expertise, business acumen, and leadership excellence, we deliver value to our client.


Audit Learning & Development Curriculum comprises:


  • Professional Certification Program: CPA
  • Core Audit technical Training and Updates: e-AudIT, Technical training, Audit e-Learning
  • IFRS Accounting Training and Updates – IFRS
  • US GAAP/GAAS/SEC Training and Updates
  • Assurance Services Training and Updates


KPMG Tax Business School®

KPMG Tax Business School® offers comprehensive tax technical learning and development that can benefit you throughout your entire career and enable you to add real value to clients. You will gain a deeper understanding of the impact of tax decisions in a national and global context and develop different ways of thinking about the complex tax and business challenges clients are facing, today and beyond.


Within Advisory, it is vital that we not only deliver a high quality engagement with technical competence, but that we do it in the clients’ business context. Our business depends on our ability to develop long-term client relationships, through effective interpersonal skills such as active listening and critical thinking. The future of our business also depends on our ability to develop ourselves and others in the team. That’s where KPMG Business School comes in - bringing all these skills together in a single framework.

KPMG English Program

The firm recognizes the importance of English language proficiency and provides regular opportunities for staff to participate in courses and workshops aimed at English language skills development.

The KPMG English language program comprises several integrated components, including placement and proficiency testing; self-access e-learning programs; and instructor-led classes and workshops – all designed to maximize the potential for the development of usable English language skills.

Personal and Managerial Skills Training

We will help you develop specialized technical and business skills as well as personal and managerial skills. The core courses we provide include client interviewing skills, client relationship development skills, negotiation skills and presentation skills, etc.



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KPMG values

The KPMG values set out exactly what we stand for and determine the way we behave.