We value diversity and capitalize it at the highest level through our firms' senior partners. Diversity makes us a more vibrant, interesting place to work and gives us one of the most genuinely inclusive workforces you will find anywhere.


It also makes us more responsive as an organization, helping us better understand and serve member firms' clients. In fact, the diversity of our people and the diversity of thought and skills that this brings is central to the KPMG culture and way of working.

Some member firms provide networking forums for many groups including women and people from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. All member firms actively look for different approaches, skills, experience and opinions when they are recruiting. Once you've joined us, we continue to make sure that opportunities remain open to all, regardless of background. Whatever your gender, ethnicity, age, disability or sexual orientation, you can succeed at KPMG.

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KPMG values

The KPMG values set out exactly what we stand for and determine the way we behave.