Stamp Duty 

Companies pay taxes on legal documents governing the transfer of assets or property owned. The amount to be paid can be considerable depending on the value of the transaction.

In this respect, it helps to have someone make sense of your company’s responsibilities in these aspects.
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Leung Yew Kwong
Principal Consultant, Tax

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2015 Tier 1 Firm for Tax Advisory, Transfer Pricing and Tax Transactional – International Tax Review

Best Advisor For Taxation Services – Euromoney Real Estate Awards 2014

We have intimate knowledge of Singapore’s stamp duty policies and can advise on all aspects of stamp duty applications.

Depending on your business structure and needs, we can design tax-efficient structures for developing and holding properties, calculate stamp duty impact and relief for corporate restructurings, and stamp duty impact on transactions.

How we can help

We can advise on all aspects of stamp duty and, where needed, will represent you in submissions and negotiations to achieve fair results on stamp duty burden.