KPMG Institutes Program 

All initiatives undertaken by KPMG Institutes are backed by research, and the program content is intended to address strategic issues faced by senior executives.

Research, professional development, networking and C-level mentorship opportunities form the pillars of the KPMG Institutes program in Singapore. The program will also leverage the resources of KPMG Business School to offer a proposition of greater relevance and value to stakeholders.

Built on a model of collaboration, knowledge resources and engagement opportunities will be driven by engagement with regulators, professional bodies, educational institutions and leading organisations.

KPMG Institutes Program includes:

  • KPMG Strategic Program
  • KPMG Insights
  • KPMG Mentoring Program
  • KPMG Soft-Skills Workshop Series
  • KPMG Seminar Series

For more information on KPMG Institutes Program, contact Melissa Lyn on +65 6507 1513.
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KPMG Strategic Programs

Program content is highly structured, macro in perspective and intended to address strategic issues faced by C-level executives and Board members. Asian-focused case studies are specifically developed for these programs. It will also feature business gurus, leading experts and business leaders who will provide knowledge on a range of thought provoking issues.

Program highlights:

  • KPMG C-suite Program - Developed in partnership with the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI), this residential program provides a platform for participants to gain insights on how to navigate the dynamic growth of Asia to achieve business success. It is also dedicated to help finance leaders understand the role that they can play in a new and globalising Asia and develop them into strategic game-changers and CEOs.
  • Tax Risk Management Program - Partnering with the Tax Academy, this program is designed around a practical curriculum and features just-in-time knowledge and real business cases on tax risk governance issues and challenges.

KPMG Insights

This series of briefings provide an opportunity for the sharing and discussion of emerging trends, economic situations, risks and opportunities in the business environment. It is also an excellent platform for senior executives to network and facilitates the formal and informal sharing of knowledge.

Topics include:

    • boardroom issues
    • growth strategies
    • corporate governance
    • sustainability reporting
    • cash management

KPMG Soft-skills Workshop Series

This series leverages on our internal resources developed by KPMG Business School Asia Pacific and is conducted by our team of Learning & Development specialists.


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Mentoring Program

This program aims to significantly enhance the performance of aspiring C-level executives, broadening their perspective and supporting their transition into more senior roles.

KPMG Seminar Series

Complementing the KPMG Insight series, the Seminar Series provides technical, regulatory and market related training for front line business staff.

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