KPMG Soft-Skills Workshop Series 

Leveraging on our internal resources developed by KPMG Business School Asia Pacific and conducted by our team of Learning & Development specialists, we extend the KPMG Soft-Skills Workshop Series exclusively to KPMG Institutes corporate members.  


Writing Powerfully


Two-day workshop covering: 

  • Reader analysis
  • The writing process
  • International business writing style
  • Punctuation demystified
  • Getting results
  • Writing practice and discussion


Polish Your Presentations


Two-day workshop covering:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the participants’ presentations 
  • Practice and discussion
  • Tailored feedback and discussion


Managing Priorities



One-day workshop covering:

  • Defining what to do
  • Deciding when to do it
  • Managing interruptions
  • Managing expectations


Managing & Motivating for Performance


Two-day workshop covering:

  • Performance management   
  • Setting and managing expectations 
  • Diagnosing performance 
  • Giving feedback  
  • Practice role plays


Difficult Conversations


One-day workshop covering: 

  • Understanding other’s reactions
  • Delivering difficult messages 
  • Facing difficult conversations 
  • Case study practice


Coaching for Success


One-day workshop covering:

  • What is coaching?
  • Why, when, and how do I coach?
  • How do I give feedback?
  • Coaching exercises


Managing Conflict


One-day workshop covering: 

  • Conflict in my organisation 
  • Possible causes
  • Possible ways of resolving
  • Case studies


Managing Change


One-day workshop covering: 

  • Stages of the change process 
  • Considerations  
  • Case studies and discussion


Influencing & Negotiation Skills


 One-day workshop covering: 

  • Why we need to influence 
  • Ways of influencing 
  • Case studies 
  • Principles of negotiating  
  • Case studies


To find out how we can customise the workshops for you and/or your team, please contact:


Melissa Lyn

Telephone: +65 6507 1513