Welcome to KPMG Institutes 

KPMG Institutes is dedicated to helping organisations and their stakeholders identify and understand emerging trends, risks, and opportunities. By creating open forums for the peer-sharing of insights and leading practices, our aim is to empower business professionals with thought leading insight enabling better decisions and organisational performance.

Our vision is to become the regional knowledge sharing hub by promoting thought leadership and providing value added services to our stakeholders.

We have specific industry or business issue focused institutes. Each institute aims to provide business professionals with a place to turn to for timely and relevant thought leadership, knowledge and insight into the business topics that affect them.

How KPMG Institutes can help you

How KPMG Institutes can help you
We provide organisations and their stakeholders:

  • Visibility of emerging trends, risks, and opportunities that affect a broad range of issues
  • Access to in-depth and timely information and value-added solutions