CFO Competencies Survey 

The CFO's Challenge

Your role is evolving and becoming more complex as greater expectations are placed on you. CFOs are expected to:

  • deal with complex accounting practices and issues
  • manage a company's finance function
  • create value and growth
  • earn the trust of investors through good corporate governance and disclosure.

Trends show we'll soon expect CFOs to:

  • be a key strategic business partner in their organisations
  • be technically knowledgeable
  • be passionate about the business
  • lead the company with the CEO.

To be successful in these roles, CFOs must bridge the gap between current capabilities and expectations. To help you identify your competency gaps, KPMG Institutes has created a tool just for you — the CFO Competencies Survey. The competencies benchmark is created by a sample of responses from CFOs of listed companies around the world.
How do you measure up?

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