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In today’s complex global environment, financial services companies need to strengthen risk management capabilities to comply with enhanced regulations. In some cases, sustainable growth and stability requires new business models and innovative approaches.

At KPMG, we provide our clients the benefit of collective knowledge from our member firms across the globe. We believe our commitment to the industry and our passion in serving our clients can make a difference to their business.

KPMG's Global Financial Services practice provides audit, tax, and advisory services to retail banking, corporate and investment banking, investment management and insurance sectors. Contact us today to discuss how KPMG can help you achieve your business objectives.

Responding to industry issues

Frontiers in Finance - December 2015

Frontiers in Finance - December 2015

We have devoted a great deal of effort in the years since the global financial crisis to trying to understand the fundamental changes impacting the financial services industry, and gauging how they might develop in the future. The pace of change and innovation in the industry is irrefutable and appears to be accelerating.

Evolving Banking Regulation: Governance - from expectations to delivery

The Social Banker v2.0

The fourth part of the Evolving Banking Regulation series for 2015 examines the governance challenges facing banks. In this latest edition, we focus on how to meet the expectations of regulators and supervisors while addressing the commercial advantages of good governance.

Evolving Banking Regulation: Data and technology - the regulatory and business challenges

The Social Banker v2.0

As retail banks struggle to come to terms with an increasingly complex operating environment, many are starting to find that social media could help solve some of the sector’s key issues.

Evolving Banking Regulation 2015 Part Two

The Banking & Financial Services Sector in Myanmar

This second part of the series looks at bank structure, and the search by many banks for a viable and sustainable future in a world where regulatory and commercial pressures are driving business model change.

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