Information, Communications & Entertainment 

Digital convergence is driving expansion and growth in the communications and media industries, bringing new opportunities for profit as well as spiraling operational demands.
Many of today's companies are now addressing the operational risks and challenges inherent in their digital strategies — whether monetising new digital assets or ensuring that internal financial, IT and other systems are integrated and functioning well globally.

KPMG in Singapore understands that when it comes to tackling tough problems, our member firms' clients look for a relationship based on trust and facilitated by regular and open communications. We're pleased that many of the world's largest information, communications and entertainment companies have chosen KPMG member firms as their business and financial advisor. It is a distinction our Communications & Media professionals work hard to earn each and every day.

Our services focus on assisting our member firms' clients with key issues facing the communications and media industry including:

  • licensing and rights management
  • tax implications of digital services
  • content security
  • regulatory compliance.

KPMG member firms have the experience, resources, and skills to work with communications and media clients globally to address issues impacting their business.

How we can help

KPMG's Information, Communications & Entertainment practice serves our member firms' clients in the converging Electronics, Software & Services and Communications & Media sectors. From M&A and transfer pricing to digital content and identity access management, our global team of audit, tax and business advisory professionals can bring practical experience to advise on issues which concern our industry clients.

Industry issues

Breaking through the Cloud Adoption Barriers

Breaking through the Cloud Adoption Barriers

The rapid growth of cloud brings many challenges and opportunities for cloud providers who need to re-evaluate their existing business models and ensure that their service offerings meet the demands of customers in an environment where cost, security and control remain top of mind for both users and providers of cloud services.

The Cloud Takes Shape

The Cloud Takes Shape

Cloud has finally started to move beyond the hype and into the fundamental fabric of today’s enterprise. As a result, organizations around the world are now gaining valuable insight, not only into the potential benefits of cloud, but also the practical challenges of adopting these evolutionary and highly disruptive technologies.

Digital Debate: The rise of the digital multi-tasker

Digital Debate

Consumers have an insatiable appetite for media in all its forms, whether digital or offline, according to the 2013 Digital Debate, KPMG’s global survey of over 9,000 people. The report highlights a new breed of urban consumer that is gaining its first media experiences via smartphones and tablets, and has a strong preference for online content.

A global study of the business adoption of Cloud

A global study of the business adoption of Cloud

This survey shows an increased readiness to accept and exploit the benefits of Cloud. Most agree that Cloud offers strategic benefits, and these look likely to transform business models to offer serious competitive advantage. The vast majority of executives surveyed expect investment in 2012 to dramatically increase, with some organisations planning to spend more than a fifth of their IT budget on Cloud next year.