Work environment 

Our greatest asset is our people.
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We provide environments that promote safety and the well-being of our people. We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to ensuring that our workplace is free of discrimination. We advocate a healthy balance between work and private life, and encourage employee volunteerism. We invest in our people by providing training and encourage our staff to engage in continuous learning. We also help carve out a progressive career path for staff that emphasises goal development, and engages coaching and feedback to fulfill those goals.

The diversity in our workforce helps us to enhance our high performance culture and embed a global mindset in the organisation. In 2014, our workforce is a reflection of our commitment to diversity. Read about it in our KPMG 2014 Sustainability Report.

Only in this environment, can our people flourish and contribute to a sustainable world.

KPMG Sustainability Report 2014

KPMG Sustainability Report 2014
Read about our efforts to cut carbon emissions and our passion to work more sustainably.