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We support children and youth, the disadvantaged and education.
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In addition to participating in global themes, KPMG responds to local social and environmental issues such as education and disadvantaged, thereby having a direct positive impact in our community.

Make a Difference Days

A dedicated community outreach effort, Make a Difference Day is an initiative that many KPMG offices around the world uphold. In Singapore, the firm has upheld the proud tradition for over 17 consecutive years and counting.

  • 2015: Over 12000 community hours were contributed by employees and partners towards causes such as caring for the elderly, planning excursion trips for the differently abled, painting senior day care centres, cleaning homes and preparing meals for the low income families.

  • 2014: more than 8,800 volunteer hours were contributed by employees through the MADD programme. The employees cared for the environment, worked with the elderly, helped children with special needs and tended to animals at the shelter.

  • 2013: More than 1900 employees participated in the Make a Difference Day activities reaching out to nearly 1450 beneficiaries. Some of the volunteering activities included beach cleaning, preparing meals for the lesser-privileged and organizing a children’s day carnival.

  • 2011 to 2012: Many Make a Difference Days were organised by our departments throughout the year to touch the lives of over 800 beneficiaries. We engaged to clean a hospital, befriend underprivileged children, to accompany the elderly on weekly walks among many other activities.

  • 2010: A carnival of fun for 650 beneficiaries, and we supported the children for their educational needs during the year.

  • 2009: Helped some 900 people in needy households with essential food hampers and with painting and home cleaning. We extended our assistance with a sustainable food program for a year.

  • From 2005 to 2007: Volunteered at the premises of our charities. In addition, we planted indigenous coastal trees in 2008 to raise awareness on green conservation and appreciation. We brought 600 beneficiaries to the Singapore Zoological Gardens. We had a carnival for beneficiaries where then President Nathan was a guest-of-honour and we donated $100,000 to the President's Challenge.

Disaster response

Every individual effort counts in disaster relief. Each time a disaster in the region hits, we step up very quickly to partner Mercy Relief and the Singapore Red Cross. Our staff volunteers in Flag Day street collections around the business district in aid of the victims of the Nepal Earthquake, Gansu earthquake, Typhoon Haiyan, Japan tsunami, South Pacific tropical storm and Thailand floods. We supported our staff volunteers from Singapore to lend their skills as translators in Thailand, and we connected with clients to contribute to this urgent cause. Several trucks and accommodation for the relief team were extended during the floods.

Give Time to volunteer

Increasingly, our people embarked on personal volunteer missions and overseas trips to give their time and effort to the disadvantaged. We created an innovative employee programme, Give Time, to encourage our people to play more active roles in community service and to allow more of us to contribute our skills, time and efforts to the less fortunate in our midst. Launched in 2009, Give Time is a great success which gives our people up to 40 working hours a year for time spent on community service for causes they believe in. During the course of volunteering, we believe our people may acquire new skills, gain an enriched perspective and share our commitment to turn knowledge into value for our communities.

"At KPMG, may of us are active volunteers. So to have the firm support our people by recognizing and enabling them to further contribute to the community, this really sets us apart as an employer of choice and makes KPMG a great place to work," said Corporate Citizenship partner, Ms Lee Sze Yeng.

KPMG Sustainability Report 2014

KPMG Sustainability Report 2014
Read about our efforts to cut carbon emissions and our passion to work more sustainably.

Students in Free Enterprise

Enactus is a global non-profit organization active in more than 44 countries. It mobilizes university students to make a difference in their communities while developing skills to become socially responsible business leaders. Enactus teams develop business projects that have a positive social impact over the course of a school year and compete nationally. KPMG has been involved in Enactus since 1996 and today provides support in over 35 countries.