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We play our part to address climate change.
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KPMG is committed to having a wider positive impact on the environment and addressing local environmental challenges. We invest in responsible energy use, educate and support our people in making sustainable decisions, work on environmental protection projects and join forces with leadership groups to address impacts.

Global Green Initiative

A combined effort spanning KPMG's member firms, our Global Green Initiative (GGI) aims to help reduce our combined carbon footprint by 25 percent by the year 2010 from a 2007 baseline. This was aided by emission reduction schemes, and a collective commitment to improve individuals' carbon impact both in the workplace and at home. In Singapore, we exceeded our targets and report our performance annually in Singapore's KPMG Sustainability Report. The second phase of GGI aims for a 15% reduction in net carbon emissions by 2015 from a new 2010 baseline.

The Singapore firm starts from a lower base of full-time employees, and so sets a target of 8% reduction in carbon emissions by 2015. This is in addition to our aggressive efforts and targets achieved in our first phase from 2007 to 2010. Read more about managing our carbon impacts here.

Within the firm, energy-saving and resource-saving procedures were implemented to complement existing green office efforts which include the use of energy-saving equipment and recyclable paper from sustainable sources. A number of green initiatives like 'bring a mug', 'print only when needed' and 'recycle, reuse and reduce' campaigns are also practiced. Green Ambassadors among staff help educate and encourage commitment to living green in a number of staff-initiated projects around the office.

Climate Change and Sustainability

In addition to the GGI, KPMG's Climate Change and Sustainability Services with more than 15 years' sustainability experience, provides services to help clients deal with the impact of climate change on their businesses. Climate Change and Sustainability Services works to better understand, control, measure and improve our clients' business performance in the areas of climate change, sustainability and integrated reporting.

KPMG Sustainability Report 2014

KPMG Sustainability Report 2014
Read about our efforts to cut carbon emissions and our passion to work more sustainably.

Supporting environmental projects: Reef Check 2011

Supporting environmental projects: Reef Check 2011
We volunteer with KPMG in Malaysia to support the not for profit organization, Reef Check Malaysia Berhard. Through their 'Adopt a Reef' programme, we adopted a reef at Soyak Island, trained staff on surveying underwater indicators, and financed educational sessions on reef conservation.