• Type: Business and industry issue, Publication series
  • Date: 12/15/2010

IFRS Now (Issue 4) 

On track for convergence

Preparing for convergence may be as large as a full IFRS conversion for some companies. In this edition of IFRS Now, we therefore consider what the convergence agenda means, what companies need to do and also the opportunities it brings.

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Building awareness
What does IFRS/U.S. GAAP convergence really mean in practice? KPMG's Gary Reader and Dave Augustyn explain what companies need to know and the benefits convergence might bring

Convergence around the world
Manfred Hannich provides his perspectives on what is happening on the IFRS convergence agenda around the world

What do U.S. companies think?
A KPMG/FEI survey sheds light on the level of IFRS preparedness and concludes that most U.S. companies will be ready, but probably will not move to IFRS until mandated

What's next: beyond compliance?
The journey towards a single set of globally adopted financial standards has progressed significantly. A group of IFRS leaders from KPMG member firms consider why focus may shift onto making financial information more meaningful.