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Building deep skills complements productivity drive

In many ways, this year's Budget continues the push to transform Singapore's economy. The goal is quality growth and sharing the fruits of that ..
Modified date: 2/26/2015
Business and industry issue

Singapore Budget 2015 Report

The Singapore Budget 2015 publication provides a synopsis of the main objectives and initiatives of the Budget statement for businesses as ...
Modified date: 2/26/2015
Business and industry issue

R&D tax regime should include broader range of projects

To allow claims only when the projects are "revolutionary" breakthroughs is to set too high a bar for firms that are still new in their innovation ..
Modified date: 2/18/2015
Business and industry issue

Pre-Budget 2015 Poll Report

Building a New Tomorrow is a clarion call for bolder, more focused and specific measures which can remake and transform the Singapore economy.
Modified date: 1/30/2015
Survey report

Putting Customers at the heart of your D&A strategy

The survey highlights findings from more than 210 senior executives across five countries: China, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines.
Modified date: 12/19/2014
Business and industry issue; Survey report

Frontiers in Finance – December 2014

Addressing the principal transformation issues senior executives struggle with today.
Modified date: 12/15/2014
Business and industry issue

Infrastructure 100: World Markets Report

In this year’s Infrastructure 100, independent industry experts identify 100 of the world’s most inspirational and innovative infrastructure projects
Modified date: 11/25/2014
Business and industry issue

Transforming Insurance: Securing Competitive Advantage

KPMG explores what the future might look like as the industry embraces digital technologies and starts to harness the full value of the vast …
Modified date: 11/21/2014
Business and industry issue

Brisbane G20 summit: A new agenda for financial services

The agenda for the G20 in Brisbane is strategies to stimulate growth, focusing on investment in infrastructure, trade, competition, and employment.
Modified date: 11/12/2014
Business and industry issue

A New Vision of Value

A New Vision of Value, the follow-up to KPMG International’s 2012 report Expect the Unexpected, explores the increasing connections between ...
Modified date: 9/16/2014
White paper
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