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The New Inconvenient Truth

The lines between ‘real ’ and ‘virtual’ world are blurring. Social media adoption is affecting everything we do as individuals ...
Modified date: 9/9/2015
Business and industry issue

Who cares about goodwill impairment?

The current IFRS model of mandatory annual impairment testing of goodwill without amortisation is due for a re-think, according to a series ...
Modified date: 7/31/2015
Business and industry issue

Value of Audit - Interview Tham Sai Choy

The Value of Audit features transcripts of interviews with KPMG audit leaders exploring the future of audit and its value to corporate stakeholders...
Modified date: 7/14/2015
White paper

Evolving Banking Regulation – Part One: From Design to Implementation

The volume of unfinished business is diminishing as more regulations are moving through the design and calibration stages to implementation.
Modified date: 6/18/2015
Business and industry issue; Regulatory update

Evolving Insurance Regulation 2015

This is the fifth annual issue of the Evolving Insurance Regulationreport. No one can dismiss the massive impact that global regulation and global ..
Modified date: 5/6/2015
Business and industry issue

Growing Up: A New Environment for Hedge Funds

The hedge fund industry is in the midst of a transformation. The growth environment is constantly changing and as a result, managers have become ...
Modified date: 3/30/2015
Business and industry issue; Survey report

Hard Facts About Accurate Estimates

In this report, we present findings from our research into the impact of the use of estimates (including “fair value” estimates) on the financial ...
Modified date: 1/22/2014
Business and industry issue

Evolving Banking Regulation

The ever-expanding set of regulatory & related reform initiatives at global, regional & national levels, in combination with the European .....
Modified date: 10/4/2013
Business and industry issue; Publication series

New on the Horizon: Revenue from contracts with customers

Revised proposals retain a single model with 2 ways to recognise revenue: over time or at a point in time.
Modified date: 4/11/2012
Business and industry issue

Impact of IFRS: Media

Key accounting issues across sub-industry groups within media industry; how conversion may affect IT & systems, people, business processes/reporting.
Modified date: 4/9/2012
Business and industry issue
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