• Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 5/9/2012

Making stakeholder communications work 

Stakeholder communication study 2011/12

Our study covers 712 companies listed on the SGX as at 31 December 2011. Publicly available information from company annual reports, websites and announcements were used.

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How companies communicate with investors and other stakeholders is one of the key pillars of corporate governance. This is enshrined in legal requirements, listing rules and codes of corporate governance. Today, listed companies are expected to do a lot more than just hold general meetings and publish statutory accounts. They are also subjected to increasingly extensive requirements and guidelines on shareholder communications, such as quarterly reporting, continuous disclosure and conduct of general meetings.

Many listed companies recognise the importance of engaging in effective communication with investors and other stakeholders. Consequently, they are taking actions such as investing more resources in stakeholder communications, employing different and new modes of communication, and improving the content, frequency, timeliness and quality of communications.

This report, a collaboration between ACCA and KPMG in Singapore, presents our findings on how companies listed on the Singapore Exchange communicate with investors and other stakeholders.