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  • Industry: Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare, Healthcare
  • Type: Business and industry issue
  • Date: 5/21/2013

An uncertain age 

Long-term eldercare languishes among the priorities of national healthcare agendas worldwide. This is worrying given how societies globally are struggling with rapidly ageing populations. Our latest report, commissioned by the Lien Foundation, calls for policy makers and eldercare experts to collaborate and develop innovative solutions for dismantling societal perceptions of ageing.
An uncertain age
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Some 46 aged care practitioners from 14 countries and territories, including Singapore, were interviewed for ‘An uncertain age: reimagining long term care in the 21st century’.

Some highlights of the report include:
  • Aged care specialists identified 10 areas of action such as greater integration, delivering person-centered care and embracing technology, which are vital to a positive future for long-term care.
  • Current models are too fragmented- there is a need for greater integration and more coordination between social and medical care.
  • Technology, training, and the development of new funding models are key to the future of long-term eldercare.
  • Local aged care thought leaders said that greater collaboration among long-term eldercare stakeholders in Singapore must take place to establish a consensus on what ‘acceptable care’ is.